Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Intermediate, Laghu Vajrasana blues

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to the practice space today, but J was away so it was a self-practice day. This didn’t bother me in the least. I love self-practice in the community space…it allows me to borrow heat and energy from others, plus I can trim out vinyasas and also take a few sneaky breaks, which I’m still finding necessary to manage my energy throughout intermediate. It also removes assistance from the picture, which is probably good for all of us once in a while.

Standing to reverse Namaste, seated to Navasana, then full intermediate. All systems go up to Laghu Vajrasana. It is improving. Atrocious but improving. It has been a while since I’ve gotten that awful calf spasm or shoulder knot on the way down. I’ve figured out how to maintain more of the bend in my back so that helps. Coming up is still strictly garbagio. I suspect it is quad strength I am missing. Kapo was also disappointing after Monday’s “I-can-see-my-toes” revelation…but I will try it again tomorrow and Thursday so all is good.

A was there and showed me how to strap my feet for Supta Vaj, which allows me to do the work while someone grounds my thighs. It was cool! I had always suspected I could probably manage the up-and-down on my own but we usually practice assisted with no props so I wasn’t sure. Happy to learn that I could.

I usually modify the entire LBH sequence if I am practicing unassisted, which is what I did today (see weenie section in Swenson book). Now that my two-month focus on Pincha Mayurasana is finally paying off, I am going to switch to LBH in my home/evening/workshoppy practice. I should take a video or two so I can see ground zero.

I had a great Pincha Mayurasana today, which was a nice surprise! I found my bearings with a quick touch to the wall (can’t WAIT until that is consistently unnecessary) and held it for the full breath count. Came down, vinyasa, then did a bottom-part-of-karanda variation that looks a bit like bakasana with pincha arms. Might have to post a pic of this one, a little hard to explain. It’s the best I can do alone I think, without the adjustment J gives us. Wasn’t really sure what to do? I should scour the internets for karanda variations. I’ve been wanting to do Baddha Hasta Sirsasana C, lotus up the legs and bring ‘em down during mysore but I keep procrastinating asking J as I suspect this isn’t the traditional approach. Maybe will inquire at her next workshop.

I video’d my Vrischikasana today and I laughed aloud when I realized how straight I am. Something about that pose makes it feel as though I am in some delicious backbend. Wrong! Haha. Mayurasana was the joke it usually is. Toes and chin heavy on floor, elbows in gut, mind in confusion. Sometimes I wish there was a private Nakrasana stall/area in the practice space so one could do it alone and never be viewed.

I took a significant break after Vatayanasana even though it was the gearing-down part of the series. I needed it. My breath was rampageous (if that is a word) and energy was all over the place.

7 headstands, check. On to closing. UD, chin and hands to wall, walk up the wall. Did some hangbacks and held, but did not attempt to drop back.

Was a happy practice, if only for the pincha mayurasana!

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