Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flippy exit

A few weeks ago, I had an introduction to the flippy headstand exit at another shala - lowering legs pike-style, then flipping yourself to chaturanga. Haven't been back there enough to practice it substantially and we don't do these exits in my usual studio.

So this week J showed me a similar headstand exit, which is more of a "timber" type move (no pike - body straight) and I found it much easier and really fun actually.

Now that I've learned the 7 headstands without a wall, I'm not really motivated to do them. I mean I know it is necessary practice at being upside down and being comfortable in sirsasana with hands in any formation...practice that will come in handy someday. But I'm just, um, bored with them. How can I make them more interesting? I'm not able to pike up in all of them yet, I do a little hop to a tuck and then straighten my legs. I suppose some pike work could keep me interested. But by the time I get to them I'm like blah, let's get this overwith and backbend. Must remember to pike next time.

I was playing around with Urdhva Kukku A a bit (yes I'm a criminal). I can get the lotus in headstand part no problem (someone tell me WHY this doesn't come before Karandavasana...for Pete's sake) and the lowering to upper arms/armpits but lifting the head? Nuh-uh. How in the hell? Yipes. Zipping up the arms in C is fun, but I get stuck below my elbows. Someday! No rush there, plenty to work on in 2nd.

Today's fun class was completely restorative, a series of 3 minutes holds...all of them were internal rotations of the legs. It was exactly what I needed, I've been feeling really tight all week (I didn't practice during my trip so coming back to it is always a bit painful). I remember each time I go more than a couple of days without practicing why I'm supposed to do this daily (or nearly daily). It IS easier.

The weather here is mild today, which means BBQ! And probably some wine. I love long weekends.

Also the bread break went well! We made a reunion loaf last night. I'm determined to enjoy responsibly, ie. not at every meal and upon every whim of the moment.

Tomorrow I'm going to do 2nd, either as self-practice or at a nearby shala. The custom at the nearby shala is full vinyasa in 2nd so my choice will depend greatly on my wine consumption tonight and resulting energy level tomorrow, haha!

Happy Easter weekend all :-)


Anonymous said...

If you're doing the Deadlies as part of 2nd, think of them as part of what Maehle calls the "connective" closing of the series. That way you can "just do" and not worry about "am I bored/are these tiresome." That, in itself, is a practice.

UKK: not that I practice it formally, although I do fool around with it in vinyasa classes--want your head up and lotus higher? More Lolasana, more Navasana, strength you build.

Why does it not come before Karanda? Sequencing, not individual poses. Pincha to Karanda makes sense. The UKK's, if you look ahead, are part of seven, count them SEVEN, tripod arm balances.


KMB said...

Hi Patrick - I will try thinking of the headstands as a "chunk" like some of the other sections. Might pass the time more quickly...although I can get through them, I have more work to do, so that will help too hopefully. challenge tends to keep me interested! i know i shouldn't see it that way, can't help it.

Lolasana and Navasana are something I could use more of. Definitely. For more than just my criminal messing around with Urdhva Kukku. ugh, my transitions!

I can see the pincha/karanda continuity...however, it looks to me like the entire action of karanda could be practiced in baddha hasta sirsasana C (thousand times easier). I don't know how often that is given or used as a modification (i'm guessing rarely as most doing karanda are practicing in a traditional-ish space). but then this movement doesn't come until advanced - however it seems to be part of another section (7 wow!)

maybe the neck and shoulders aren't ready until we've been working at the headstands awhile...that's another theory that just popped into my head. i kind of like that idea. makes 7 deadlies a bit more exciting too (deadlies is a great name for them btw)!