Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back in town

Lots going on the past 2 weeks - trip home to see my folks and a baby shower, then a wedding in South Carolina last weekend. Busy! I have to say, Southern people have to be the friendliest, sweetest people EVER. Any where we went I would be gawking and gandering at things (like a tourist) and randomly by accident catch someone's eye. And everyone smiles. It's so weird, the first day I kept checking my shirt to see if I had crap on it or something on my face or had this eery feeling everyone knew something amusing that I didn't know.

But no, it was just a basic human reaction - when you catch eyes with someone you smile! And get off on the right foot! I mean I live in a small city so it isn't like people are completely closed off but I'm not in the habit of looking strangers in the eye and smiling (mainly cause I walk home from work in the dark quite a bit - no stranger danger for me). I loved it and started smiling back. I felt like Mary Poppins by the end. Such sweet people!

Had a nice basic half primary tonight, J was putting on a community class at lulu and several peeps from the studio were there to support her! She's doing led 2nd tomorrow evening at the studio, hopefully my job behaves itself and I can make it.

I'm really looking forward to a weekend at home after being away the past two. I'm going to fill it with yoga and homecooked meals. And maybe some chocolate bunnies. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

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