Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Karanda attempt

Plenty of work to do, but it's a start. The thing I'm holding between my hands is a flip-flop, I got the idea from a video I saw on Youtube - I think it was a pincha tutorial. It helps a lot with the stability, not something I'd want to use forever but it helps keep things lined up if I'm going to be trying it a few times in a row.

Been able to do lotus in headstand for a while but my pincha has never been stable/consistent enough for me to feel confident giving karanda a try without someone adjusting me. Something about Nancy telling me to learn to fall, and to just keep trying had me thinking about this one since I got back from Goa.

And long live the liberator in all it's black velvet glory!! Is there anything this prop can't help with? :-)


Liz said...

The liberator is back!! (I thought of you and your black beauty when I saw Burn After Reading this past weekend... there is a liberator in one of the scenes!).

You're doing great with the Karanda work! Totally solid hold in the Pincha!

Grimmly said...

I tended to stay a little closer to the wall when I was learning mine. then if i need to it was alight touch, almost a tapping off the wall to steady myself. From here it looks like your having to go so far to touch of the wall that it's taking too long to get your balance back to have another go which just gets knackering.

But not too close of course. When I finally did bring it down I found I was too close swinging my head straight down through my arms and head first into it.

Hell of a pose this, first you have to make your lotus up there which is hard enough, THEN you have to land it, THEN, take it back again and once you've done all that you find you have this flippy exit thingy. best wishes for the jounrney

KMB said...

hi Liz - that movie is fantastic! pincha has taken me a long time, and I'd still like to firm it up more...I love being upside-down so luckily this one is fun for me to work on :-)

Hi Grimmly - this weekend I really need to sit down and go through your karanda archives, I remember reading your journey but at the time karanda wasn't really on my radar for my own practice. I need to go back to it with a new perspective!

You're absolutely right about the distance from the wall. I have to get closer. Been trying to train my pincha off the wall so i've pushed myself out, but it gets very tiring to have a long way to go to right myself when I flub the lotus part.

I can't even think about the coming down and going back up part yet - that still boggles my mind. Someday!

karen said...

Ashtangis are bad ass. We don't use props. But when we do, it's not bolsters and sand bags. Nuh uh -- we use sex toys and flip flops.

You make us proud.

Anonymous said...

If I were being uptight, I'd say:

1. Pincha with no wall, you do. That way you don't have to worry about flipping over your head.

2. Why take the left leg bent, over the right knee? Why not keep it upright (probably because the balance is harder, that's why) and then externally rotate and dip it down, inside the knee?

3. Do your hands creep together if you don't use the strap and flipflop (what a great and hilarious prop, btw)? How's your propless Pincha?

If I was being less uptight, I'd say:

do you have Maehle's book? I think his advice on knitting lotus upside down in Pincha is fab. Good luck with your Karanda!

KMB said...

Karen! Hahahaha...yes the flip-flop is officially part of my repertoire of ridiculous props. It actually works like a charm, I've never used a block for this but I think the footwear might actually be better. It's even kind of rounded. and surely, more badass!

Hi Patrick – uptight feedback is still feedback!

1, agree, completely. I'm not there yet but it's coming. for karanda, i still like wall for the safety aspect and using less effort if i am going to repeat it a few times!

2, my guess is that will be harder but worth it (going to try it tonight). Right now my movements are guided by my need to stay up, so wherever it feels most balanced to put my 2nd leg is likely where I’m putting it. The trade-off means not getting enough external rotation on leg #2– probably the exact reason I’m having a hard time hooking it!

3, last night was the first time I used the strap actually, and I only use the flip-flop when doing karanda. Pincha is less stable without the props (hands do creep together) but still OK. At this point in my pincha (nearly there), it isn’t productive for me to use the props so I don’t. Karanda is another story!

I’ve got the maehle book and I like how he breaks it down…it’s the only way to look at it without getting overwhelmed I think. I’ve never found the adjustment for this to be very helpful…so having the breakdown maehle provides for independent work is where it’s at (for me)! Thanks for the good luck wishes, going to need them :-)

ArkieYogini said...

KMB, thanks for the blog comment. Linking to your blog as well...if you don't mind. :)

Creative use of props. Hahaha! And you're pretty brave for trying karanda so far away from the wall. I'm too much of a wuss...I only get about a foot away because I'm so scared of falling over.

KMB said...

Hi Arkieyogini - thanks, we're linked :-)

Props are fun! The wedge mat makes a huge difference in how safe I feel. Otherwise I'd be pretty scared of landing on my knees.