Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hips, Cheesed, Led Intermediate

Normally in A's Saturday fun class we do lots of backbending. Yesterday, I was excited when she told us that we'd be doing hip openers. I love backbending, but right now my biggest block is the hips so I was thrilled to learn some stretches and work on them. We ran out of time and didn't actually make it to LBH but I did learn a few things I can do when I play at home. We did pigeon on a chair, it was crazy hard but I could tell it worked. I felt like Beyonce walking down the street afterward. All pop and snap and shaZAM with those hips!

After class I grabbed a coffee with a yogini friend and then we wandered up to lululemon...I've been hauling my big black mat between two studios with an annoying strap holder thing and I decided it was time for a mat bag. Something a little easier on my shoulder hopefully with some extra storage to boot. Didn't see anything that fit the bill, however I picked up a gift for someone and a strap for myself (the one I've been using for karanda doesn't have buckles and constantly slides apart).

The lulu checkout girl rang in my order, looked at the strap and said, "you'll have to let me know how this works". I was puzzled and said, "really? sure." thinking it better work as it cost eight dollars. She elaborated, "well I don't use a lot of props in my practice so..."

I gotta say, I was a little cheesed and felt oddly defensive? Takes quite a bit to miff me (perhaps you've noticed my maddening good nature, my writing is peppered with emoticons and exclamation points - can't help it! just happy!) but that annoyed me. I reined in my ego, politely asked for my receipt and complained to my ashtangi pal after we left the store - she thought it was hilarious!

Yeah it meant nothing, just feeling defensive about my props. I don't use them when I practice traditional ashtanga. I use them when I "play"! Slippery slope maybe…

So today in Led (I'm over it - back to happyland) we did full primary and intermediate. Yowza. It was a blazing hot energyfest for 2 1/2 hours. Stick a fork in me, I am DONE. I have done nothing but soak in epsom salts then lie on the couch and listen to my iPod this afternoon.


Helen said...

Full primary and full intermediate? all led whoah! Still confused about waht annoyed you with the check out girl, was it not a genuine question? Perhaps I'm missing it because I wasn't there and it was in her tone?

Liz said...

That is one hardcore practice!

I'm curious about the prop situation too... though, I somehow get it, even though I can't explain it. Maybe it was like she was making the assumption that you "cheat" or that you somehow aren't doing "the real" yoga? ha!

I'm prop free, but mainly because I'm lazy. Our shala- of course- is a prop-free zone other than the ocassional towel to assist someone in a bind he (sorry, usually a he) is working on. But at home? Who cares. Gimme that trapeze!

KMB said...

Hi guys - yes, I was toast when it was done. It was a lot of yoga. Man!

The question was 1 part her tone (my yoga's harder than your yoga) + 1 part all in my head! Maybe she was just trying to be nice and make conversation. She did say more about "going for the bind" and stuff but I kind of stopped paying attention as I was concerned about her forgetting to give me my receipt (in case I have to return the gift)! haha

I go to one very prop-free studio and one prop-friendly studio...and at home I do whatever I like. oooh a trapeze would be fun!

karen said...

You should have told her about the Liberator prop. Then she'd be envious. And maybe a little about the flip flop.