Monday, March 15, 2010

Bake Me a Bread Coffin

So I've gone a little overboard on the, um, breadbaking the past 6 weeks. Since my little kitchenaid showed up and I discovered the amazing things I could make with it!

I've gained about 5 pounds purely from loaf consumption - can't really pin it on anything else. Maverick has been eating it too, but he couldn't gain weight if he swallowed a brick of gold. He does feel like he could use a break too we've declared the house a bread-free zone for the next couple of weeks. I'm already in withdrawal!

It's just so easy...and, comforty...and buttery...why have an apple when you can have toast? Why have a salad when you can have grilled cheese?

Haha, you see how it goes. We will make an Easter loaf but until then no bread!

It's a moon day so no ashtanga...I will be doing some stretches and working on LBH. I took a clip yesterday that was too absurd to post, but I think I can see what part of my problem is. I'm bringing my knee back, which is great, and stuffing everything back there - but my ankle isn't back nearly as far. Think I will try some pigeons with my knee at a right angle and shin parallel to front of mat, get my femur more rotated externally (if that makes sense). Then maybe some more karanda tries!


Anonymous said...

Knee back but ankle not? How's your hamstring flexibility?

(am all curious now about what your LBH attempts look like)

KMB said...

Hi Patrick - If I were bringing the leg straight back (think compass pose) I can get knee behind shoulder no problem. but when i am rotating the thigh to get the calf back it is a whole other story, I get stuck after a certain amount of rotation and only part of my calf is back. I think it is still hips though.

I'm also tall and my legs are pretty long in relation to total height which might not help. (yeah yeah - no excuses!)

If i can take a better clip this weekend i will post!