Sunday, March 7, 2010

Led Primary

J is back next Sunday so we'll be back on the Led Intermediate train (yay!), but I was leading the practice group today so we did Primary.

I'm glad I'm not doing primary all the time anymore, it makes me love it again. I'm also finding that 2nd has helped my primary a lot...Supta K feels better (LBH work), my nemesis bhujapidasana is smoother (bakasana and tittibhasana work). Even the shuffleback has benefited from something, maybe bandha is a teensy bit stronger? Of course it's still a shuffle, no flying and floating for this gal yet.

I need to get my brain off LBH. I haven't been obsessing about the other asanas and eventually things just come together. There are other things I can't do in 2nd that I'm completely OK with. I accept that I'll learn them and do them in time, with practice but LBH really brings out my emotion/attachment/defeat. I guess it is part of my lesson maybe. Everyone finds a roadblock they struggle with somewhere and LBH is definitely mine.

Someday I will be a good yogi and not obsess about any of it and just DO IT and then let it go...I'm not there yet :-)

It is beautiful here today, the sun is shining and it is the nicest weather we've had in weeks. Maverick and I are going to walk to a nearby art gallery this afternoon and see some pretty things. Then we will make our freestyle vegetarian lasagna for dinner...mmmm!


Liz said...

I've been reading but not commenting- sorry! I've enjoyed your posts!

I LOVE feeling the work in 2nd come out in primary. It's like proof that something is actually moving along!

When I first started working on LBH, my friend (who does it easily- cold, in jeans even) would suggest all sorts of prep work, assuring me that I would one day be able to do it. I didn't buy it. It really seemed like my body was not cut out for it. Slowly it came- and now guess who is the person who can easily put her head behind her head, cold, even in jeans? That's right! me! Miracles do happen in yoga. ha ha!!

Remember this post in the next few months- I have a feeling you'll be suprised how you once felt it was such a road block.

KMB said...

It is surprising, isn't it? The two series don't seem alike, but it's all the same. It's great proof. Also, when I started doing 2nd I didn't really have "closure" on primary...I'm sure this is not uncommon. Like I was bored and happy to move forward but there were things I still wanted to address in my primary...probably what made me hold onto it after I was supposed to "split". I was worried those asanas would never improve if I started doing only 2nd. I'm really glad primary has kept coming along for me!

It is such a relief to hear that you struggled too (LBH). It is awesome that you can do it now (you're amazing at it!) even though you thought it was something you thought you wouldn't get past. Jeans, OMG!

I love hearing that it was work and practice. Work and practice is totally within my scope of control!

I know a couple of people who can do it but kind of "always could" and as much as that gives me permission to not be good at it (haha) it isn't very motivating!

Thanks Liz :-)