Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kapo and Karanda attempt

Karanda clearly needs work, but I've ditched the props and I think the lack of stability is worth it...hoping that eventually this will help me learn to move my lotus through space. The exit makes me laugh, I totally straddled out in escape mode!

A few months back I crowed about getting my heels and it hasn't happened ONCE since then (serves me right), until today. Once my hands are at midsole, if I push the hips forward it gives me just enough space to finger-crawl the rest of the way. Also letting the elbows drift out a smidge doesn't hurt; not sure how technically correct it is, but I sure do it.

Haven't been blogging in a while, I decided to take a little break and try this thing where I don't think about practice when I'm not was a useful exercise for sure. I'd been getting down on myself about things that were taking a long time. Have to remind myself I've got my whole life to do this - relax!

In practice notes, still trucking along with no giant breakthroughs, a couple months back I made a change to practicing in the mornings and while it took some adjustment I'm much much happier with morning practice now. It's good that yoga is my first decision of the day as opposed to my last. It makes it much easier to say yes to yoga and drag my ass to the mat. I don't even mind that I'm tighter in the morning - was discouraging at first but now it is the "normal".

It is Pride Week in my town, there is a parade today - Happy Pride all!!


Grimmly said...

Hot damn (stole that from Laruga) thats a beautiful kapo. You seem to be struggling getting your lotus, do you practice it in headstand where your more stable. I used to have that and by the time I'd got it nice and tight I was too exhausted to lower it with any control. In vinyasa Krama there's a nice mudra where you get into lotus while in headstand and then lower it down tight against your chest (still in headstand) and just hold it for as many breaths as you can before taking it back up. Being a mudra you can practice it anytime anyplace anywhere.
happy pride to you too.

KMB said...

Thanks Grimmly - those bad boys are bound! I saw a one-legged kapo on your blog and I'm dying to try it, forgot it today but next time I'm practicing at home I'll give it a go.

The lotus is a struggle for sure, mostly because of my instability in pincha...can wrap it up in headstand no problem, but haven't tried lowering and holding, I will definitely do that - I can see how it would help. I'm envious of the recent karanda you posted, it's great inspiration to see the full expression...I can't get enough of watching karanda videos, they help so much!

Claudia said...

Beautiful. Enjoyed watching, you are doing great!. Also liked the airy room, it looks like a great place to practice.

KMB said...

Hi Claudia - thanks, I'm in my living gets a nice little breeze with the windows open. Our place is open concept, so you can kinda hear Maverick washing dishes in the first one and then vacuuming...he's cleaning while I'm playing around!

Liz said...

You're back! Great!
I love the sounds in the background- so funny, so casual, like there's no weird and daring yoga going on in the other room.

Great work!

KMB said...

Hi Liz! He's totally used to it now, doesn't weird him out a bit...I've been checking in on the exciting things happening in your world, looks like an amazing new chapter with the studio opening!

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