Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Group Practice

New development - I am loving Sunday group practice. Nearly gave up on it last week. We've abandoned the idea of breathing together and keeping up with eachother and I like it much better. This Sunday we were a full house, mat to mat, elbow to elbow and literally feet to face....it got soooo warm. I think I had my favorite Supta K of all time. Everything felt pretty good actually. Didn't even mind the crowd. Lady beside me got kicked in the head by the person in front of her, ouch! :( She was OK though.

It was an easy practice and it flowed well...it was like mysore because it was on my own breath and counts, but there were no adjustments. And I love adjustments, but what a flow you get into when you aren't stopping or waiting?! It was great. Sometimes it is nice to struggle a bit and find your own way in asana - I think it is valuable. Sunday group is on its way to becoming my fave practice of the week.

The only thing that would make it better would be if we didn't necessarily have to do full primary...like veer off mid-standing or even after navasana and do 2nd. I still lack the stamina to do a pleasant full primary and 2nd. I mean I can do it, but its pretty punishing. I don't like going into those headstands tired, mainly. I'm a sissy like that. We stopped at Kapo and I felt great going into savasana.

Work has been Buck Wild so far this week. I have to complete my performance evaluations by the end of the month and while I adore my team and I love the process, I usually feel pretty depleted afterwards, personally.

Anyways, back to yoga :-) I have to get them off my camera and convert the files and so forth but I have a shuffleback video to post this week at some stage!


Liz said...

I would go nuts having to follow a group where the "leader" was the one with the quickest breath. I can see why that would create a little anxiety in you! Glad it got figured out and now you love the group practice. It is soooooo nice practicing with a group- soaking up (and giving) that great energy in one room.

All of primary and all of intermediate is a long practice!

KMB said...

Oh Liz, it was absurdly fast, much much too fast, it actually stressed me out (?) a bit, lol. I am really really happy with the direction the group is taking now, it is so nice building energy in a group - the giving/taking goes a long way :-)

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks so re: Primary + Intermediate!

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