Friday, September 18, 2009

Edgy, Wedding

I met up with a friend and took a class from my fiance's cousin this week and it was such a relief to do some yoga!! My hometown is where my practice goes to die...there's no space in my parents' home to practice (not exaggerating) and no gym nearby, and its quite cold out, plus wedding details have been keeping me busy.

BUT, what the hell kind of yoga blog writes sporadic updates on the reasons they haven't practiced in days??? it's comical...i promise, things will improve after the wedding, when i'm in Goa Prep Mode...more vids.

I arranged with the resort to have access to a gym-type room on site the day of the wedding (tomorrow), at 7am - to myself. I will do primary alone and breathe and sweat and i can't frigging wait! Meanwhile I've been enjoying seeing old friends, drinking beer, being on boats, eating my face off, sleeping minimally and in all ways imaginable setting myself up for illness, bad skin or bloating on the day of my wedding - frankly, I'm having too much fun to care. the stressy moments are becoming hilarious and it helps so much to have your best friends around for it. disasters become comical, and start to feel like minor hiccups.

i took some natural calming calming pills my aunt procured for my mom and it truly helped - E also slipped me some Ativan which resulted in my best sleep in weeks. I finally found the wherewithal to stop fretting about weather, details and guest arrangements and ask my mom how she was doing and call my mother-in-law and ask her what help she might need for her pre-wedding soiree tonight. feeling like a better person.

looking forward to the honeymoon in beautiful, rugged cape breton...

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