Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I was taking a pic of my new haircut to send my sister and I decided to video a jumpback attempt so I could see where I am...

I realize the angle is quite bad, sorry, it was spur of the moment. I am wearing super-cozy wigwam socks and flannel jammies and I have a slick-as-hell engineered hardwood floor...all factors contributing to how much easier it feels here than on my black mat (or an Equa or yogitoes) at the studio.

So it is pretty obvious I'm still struggling, but I am actually closer than I had thought. And by closer I don't mean like 90% there, I mean like more than 20% there, which is where I thought I was. I like numbers (see profile).

I'm glad I recorded it. Seeing it (more than 20%) makes me believe J that someday, even if it is in 8 years, I will be able to do it.

Two things I definitely need to work on are tucking myself in quite a bit smaller, folding up my legs tighter and more into my body (maybe navasana will help? what muscle am i engaging to do this, besides MB, the hip flexor?). Second thing is learning how to edit my videos, to cut out the start and finish.


Grimmly said...

It looks so close, how about once you've lifted, throwing yourself forward and down, as if your throwing your face at the mat (scary I know) in the hope that you pivot at the shoulders and it brings your hips up enough for the feet to go back through. Blocks are good for this to get the feel for the action and especially the timing of kicking your feet back. It'll come when you least expect it.

KMB said...

That does sound scary, but you are right...I need to bend my elbows and bring my shoulders down. The timing definitely eludes me. It seems so mathematical/physical when I am watching it!