Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weddings, disruption

What is it about weddings? The most joyful experience ever! Tears, whether you know the couple or not! They are amazing. And we eat a lot, we drink a lot, we sleep in, we miss our practice, we take time off work and have to catch up...and then we're several days without a practice and feeling miserable.

We drove 11 hours this weekend to attend a wedding, to drink and eat and dance our asses off. Then I worked until 8 tonight and missed my beloved Led Primary class. And I am beat, too beat to do much of anything now. Summer and weddings and vacation and catching up at work...if I were a good yogi these wouldn't interrupt my practice but the fact is that they do. So I will just do my best. :-)

And since I can't in good conscience talk about asana right now...I will talk about Ayurveda, which I am just starting to learn about. I did a couple of quizzes and I am some sort of Kapha-Vata cross. Vata in my nature and Kapha in my body? J thinks I am a Vata body but I disagree. This body is a water vessel, I just know it. But I am easily frustrated, drained and I often find that others don't work/speak/act fast enough for me. Not that I think I am the fastest, but I work with a lot of new trainees and keeping my patience is sometimes difficult (although I spare the newbies any harshness, if you've been around a while and you're still slow, you're definitely not going to feel the love). Anyhow, the descriptions of the doshes are so interesting, I'd like to learn more about it...my friend H is taking teacher training so I will likely hit her up for some details or an assessment or something when I see her at my own wedding in 2 weeks.

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