Saturday, December 26, 2009

Birthday Girl

29 today. This is my gift, isn't it awesome?? I opened it yesterday, then made some chocolate pecan cookies and the best batch of bread I've ever produced...I was actually a teensy bit jealous that this machine can clearly knead way way better than my hands. I've been staring into the bowl watching the beater do its work. So cool!

Now it's coffee time....thinking about what to practice this morning Primary? Primary + 1/2 Int? Intermediate only? The most exciting thing about Christmas for me is the three days off in a row. Yesterday I had a home practice...I could really feel the effects of non-regularity on my practice during and especially now. There's a reason I'm supposed to do this daily - it hurts when it's sporadic!

I've never done the 6 days per week thing anyways. For me, 4-5 (gasp!) is what works best with my schedule and the mysore schedule at the studio. And Saturday rules be damned - Saturday is the easiest day to fit in a practice, I'm not resting.

I taped a bit of yesterday's practice, wish I knew how to edit it. My entry into krounchasana on the first side made me laugh when I watched this, I think I forgot what I was doing mid-entry so it looks kinda funny. I stopped taping before Ustrasana...had a feeling my backbends were not going to look or feel so hot, and I was right.


Does the timing seem off, like it has been sped up? I'm hopeless with file conversion...been trying different freewares but something tells me this isn't quite right. Meh - whatev!

This is the first time I taped any of these asana, and there were a few things I noticed, but I won't hash them out now, I'll just practice again today and see if I can correct them.

Next year? I will do more Intermediate. No goals, just do my practice - finally getting it. I love this time of year, the wrapping up and starting fresh.

Goa in 3 weeks, which I am looking forward to as a vacation and relaxation and an immersion in something that makes me feel good. Not as an opportunity to learn asana, which is I think what I had in mind when I booked the trip. That has changed.

LBH and jumpbacks and all the things I struggle with will happen here, in my living room or in the studio, when my hips open naturally, or when my bandhas show up to the party, which will take years...not halfway around the world in 3 weeks' time. I'm cool with that, and really excited to spend two weeks living yoga!

Now I will eat my 2nd chocolate pecan cookie, in the morning, before my practice and even though I'm not actually hungry - god I love birthdays!


susananda said...

Happy birthday!!

Video isn't showing up for me at the moment, will check back later.

KMB said...

Thanks Susananda! It seems to be working now when I check the page from my computer, hopefully it shows up for you next time...

karen said...

Happy Birthday! I love my KitchenAid -- especially for making bread and pasta. Don't know if you're familiar with this book, but it's the easiest way to make bread:

and SOOO yummy...

susananda said...

Seems to be a bit hit and miss with the iPhone, sometimes they show up and sometimes there's a tiny blue cube there instead, dunno what that's all about!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday!!

Love that mixer... hope you whip up some great stuff with it!

Goa will be fun- can't wait to read about it!

KMB said...

Thanks Karen - the loaf on the cover looks amazing! Are they recipes for mixers? I need to find some good websites too so I can learn everything this machine can I'm not making cookies every weekend! The attachments look pretty cool...I think we'll get the citrus juicer and probably then the pasta maker (someday).

Susananda - is it working for you now? I don't have a youtube account or I'd link it for you!

Hi Liz - I'm pumped for goa and you can bet I'll be talking baked goods for a while! I just noticed the color of the kitchenaid is the same as my blog, lol...I do love green.

V said...

Happy birthday, and do bring cookies to Goa ;-)

lew said...

Happy Birthday! I only have a hand held mixer; wonder if I could justify one of those puppies.....? Have another cookie for me.

You have a great attitude and approach to practice. It sets the stage for stuff to happen. I hope you'll be blogging from Goa!

KMB said...

Thanks V and Lew! I've had more than my share of cookies Goa I'll likely be journalling there and blogging about it afterward, but definitely sharing one way or another :-)

Skippetty said...

Happy Belated Birthday! The KitchenAid looks so awesome! Did you get the same exact green colour? :) Wish I could try some of your cookies. ;p

KMB said...

Hi Skippetty - it's called Bayleaf and it is kind of a deep teal green in real life, probably my fave color...cookies are all gone now, I have to make more today ;-)

karen said...

The recipes in the book in include instructions for hand-mixing, or for using the dough hook on a Kitchen Aid.

I made some last night. It rocked.