Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Led Primary

No repeat of the bhuja a-ha today but that's fine. It might be because it was Led. I probably need some more mysore time to fuss with it...energy was good though, musta banked some from yesterday! Got a foot cramp this time (same leg as yesterday's calf cramp) but it wasn't until padmasana so I could tough it out OK.

The shuffleback is still the same as always, although it seems a bit more natural and easy now that it is normal. Shuffle shuffle shuffle...then one day maybe pickup/jump? :-)

Today there was someone wearing perfume in the studio. It was really a distraction...I don't understand that at all. Even an otherwise nice smell (in whiff-size doses) seems noxious when you are breathing deeply through the nose! I would think it would be difficult for someone wearing it too, although maybe they are used to it.

Got a great Baddha Konasana adjustment...J opened my feet "like a book" so that only my baby toe side of the foot was touching and BOY was it different. I think this is how I was supposed to be doing it all along, and will going forward, but I didn't actually realize my body was capable of it until she showed me just how exaggerated the "open book" can be.

Heat's on tonight...ah bliss!


sfauthor said...

Nice blog. Do you know about these yoga books?


Liz said...

oh look, you got spammed! ha ha!!

Perfume sucks. It's almost worse than B.O. It's more headache inducing. B.O. is just annoying.

Baddha K and the book, oh yes. That pose cracks me up in my practice because some days I'm so wide open I think "what's the big deal?" and other days it's as if my hips are in a cast and I can't move.

Good luck with Bhuja- you can do it!

KMB said...

spam! I am big time now...:-)

BO is pretty gross, there are mostly women at my studio so we don't run into it that often (sorry dudes, your BO hella beats ours)!

Eventually the room got so humid that the perfumey smell dissipated...or was replaced? ew.

I try not to think too hard about the puddles i'm walking through on the way out of there or the condensation on every surface - that used to belong to someone!! haha

thanks for the good luck wishes for bhuja - someday i hope! :-)

Skippetty said...

Yeah, perfume's hella better than BO. But this morning, a guy placed his mat beside mine and went to change. And then I realized something was smelling really funky. It wasn't the guy coz he was still changing. It was his mat. I COULD SMELL HIS STINKY MAT THROUGHOUT MY PRACTICE!! ...and was wondering - what does he smell when his nose is down there in all those chaturangas? (I mean, my nose wasn't even down at his mat and I could smell it) ...It was pretty noxious, and even more unbelievable that someone could let their mat get THAT stinky.

KMB said...

I've had this experience before too!! when you wonder what the pungent aroma is and no one's around to blame...the mangy mat laid out beside you...smells a bit...cheddary. yuck!

Also - Yay! re: pashasana skippetty, i've been meaning to drop you a comment! so lucky to have squatty heels and exciting to figure out the bind so quickly...i can't wait to hear your experiences on the rest of the series :-)