Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dwi Pada, Maehle book

Gregor Maehle book arrived! I raced home from work, raced to evening Mysore, raced into shower and then off to dinner with a friend who was in town...all the while thinking about it sitting on the kitchen counter.

When I finally ripped it open, I immediately flipped to the LBH section, hahaha. No patience, whatsoever! I was thrilled to read his thoughts on warming up. I often cheat in the studio and do the "cradle the shin" for a couple breaths before I try stuffing it back there.

Tonight was the first time I managed a (majorly) assisted 5-breath lifted Dwi-Pada. J stands behind me, supporting me from toppling, pulling my feet back (and I think up, a bit) while I ground the hands and push into my mat. Normally I get this horrible clavicle crunchiness when I try it so we skip the liftup part or do it half-assed.

It appears that my shoulders are now through and open enough not to compress my clavicle...interestingly, I used to get this same yucky crunch feeling in Supta K and eventually it went away so I guess the same thing happened there.

I have dinner out with friends again tonight so I think afterwards (if I can stay away from too much vino) I will do the Maehle exercises/warmups. I realized reading it that I haven't been aware of my pelvis at all in the warmups I've been doing. It is likely twisted and misaligned all over the place. Good to know so I can be more careful.

Also, last night the zing was back in alarming full force. :-( I've been having such a good run! I made a wrong move and it made me yelp out loud at the dinner table in a restaurant...twice...embarrassing! I'll do some stretching tonight and tennis ball stuff to release whatever is pulling me out of whack. It is usually my right butt. Epsom salt bath too maybe.


Helen said...

Well done on the dwi pada lift up. Who would of thought such a thing was even possible for anyone! I am still awaiting the book...it is getting such good press in blog land.

Skipper Kim said...

Are you referring to Gregor Mahele's new Ashtanga Yoga: The Intermediate Series book? Or the Primary series one which has been out for a while? Look forward to hearing what you think of whichever one it is!

KMB said...

Hi Helen - thanks! It was super supported/assisted but I was still really happy that it didn't bother my collarbone, means something is happening in my body I guess...I am about to dig into the book tonight, it took forEVER to arrive so I am glad it is finally here.

Hi Skipper Kim - yes, it is the Intermediate Series book! I'll be sharing my thoughts over the coming weeks but just based on the quick peak I've had so far I think it is going to be great.

Helen said...

My book has arrived now but no time read it yet. In the middle of 3 other books! Still will make time for it in my Christmas hols. Looks fab.