Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Work has been Buck Wild.

So I haven't been posting much, and haven't (sadly) been practicing much in the past week. I have nothing to report about asana!

However, despite my job-eating-my-life, a couple of things happened in the past week that have made India seem so much closer. :-)

My visa arrived today, and I got about half of my shots yesterday...Typhoid, HepA/B and Polio. Have to confirm with my doc which other ones I might need, if I've had the boosters or not already. Why don't I remember this stuff?

I don't like needles, at all, in fact they make me pass out - so the burly nurse grabbed my legs and held them above my heart (I was sitting in this weird rocking recliner thingy) and it helped, and was mildly amusing to my hubby, who joined me for the appointment in case he had to wheel me out after.

Anyway, hard to believe it is only 3+ more weeks...there is a lot more to do and plan. Hopefully my job will take a break from eating my life long enough to buy some bug spray and do some flipping yoga.


Skippetty said...

AWESOME! Are you going to Mysore? How long will you be there for? Can't wait to read all about it. :)

KMB said...

Hi Skippetty - two weeks in Goa (Nancy Gilgoff in Purple Valley), I'm really excited!

Claudia said...

Hi KMB, what a wonderful trip!. I have never been to Goa but watched that video of Kino where you can hear the birds on the background, sounded like heaven... enjoy!

KMB said...

Hi Claudia - I think I've seen that video! It does look pretty incredible...I'm psyched about the food too.

Skippetty said...

Sweet! Goa's gorgeous! Daydreamingmel's gonna be there too, but she's doing the one after Nancy's workshop. The last time I was there, I was in my rave phase and totally not there for the yoga so I can only tell you all about the parties and not much else. If you have time, head to Arambol and go check out the hippies in the banyan trees in the middle of the jungle. I am not kidding, it's an awesome experience. And I'm not smoking my socks! (I hope they're still there!)