Friday, January 15, 2010

2.5 hours

Leaving my house in 2.5 hours for the airport. I'm not planning to blog while I'm away but I'll take good notes so I can share on my return. And there is internet there so who knows...maybe I'll check in :-)

Here's what I'm hoping will come of this:

- a full two weeks of vacation, sans blackberry
- asana practice for two weeks without interruption, no distractions
- opportunity to ask some of the questions I have about the practice of a long-time practitioner
- meeting cybershalamate V!
- a tan

That's all, nothing crazy, just the opportunity for immersion in yoga and meeting like-minded yogis. I'll fill you in when I get back. Wish me luck with the body-scanners at the airport, blech!!


Skippetty said...

AWESOME!! Have a lovely time in your svadhyaya and come back well-rested, inspired and recharged. Can't wait to read all about it! Safe travels. x

Helen said...

Have a great time.

V said...

Travel safe! I'm leaving my flat in 2 hours, carrying everything I own on me like a snail.

Liz said...

have fun!! Hope you get a great tan! ha ha!

daydreamingmel said...

such a small world, I just came back from PV, some of my very good friends are there this week - don't know if you will see this until you're home but hope you have a wonderful time! It's great to take a break from the internet while you're there, I did the same...enjoy!! x