Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dropback clip

OK - I did intermediate this morning and try as I might, during finishing I couldn't muster a solo dropback in the shala, even after multiple tries, using the wall as a prop, on my comfy thick manduka, and relying on physical then verbal cues from J. Couldn't do it alone.

So I came home, rolled out my crappy travel mat and had a go. Boom, first try! Well, the good news is at least I can still do it, thumpus bumpus landing and all. :-)


Liz said...

Wow!! Well done! Your hangback is way better than mine! Your coming up is fluid. Nice job.

I love that window in the background, by the way- how nice that it's so big and goes all the way to the floor! Window envy!

KMB said...

(blush!) Thanks Liz! Asana encouragement from you makes me super happy :-) the main thing is now the fear is gone so no more chickening out and skipping to UD...

The "window" is actually sliding doors out onto our patio! That would be a great idea for a window though, all the way to the floor.

I'm officially going to pretend its a grand window for the rest of the winter, or until we barbecue ;-)