Sunday, January 3, 2010

Led Primary

Led Primary to Ustrasana today. We were packed in like sardines! In a nice way, I guess. J had to send three people into the house to practice - a record of 15 people showed up (the absolute max for the space is 12). I was a little anxious during the Suryas but got over it once we hit standing. Honestly, it takes a bit of effort to forget that I'm surrounded on all sides by mat is climbing the wall in back, someone's feet are directly in my face and there are mats directly on either side of me. Just like India, right? OK. Not my favorite way to practice, but it got bearable after the Surya's. And of course with that many people the heat and energy are high. And it was humid. :-)

Yesterday's weather bomb was a bit dramatic - super high winds, storm surge...we walked to moksha and it was shutting its doors because of the weather, so no hot yoga for us. I'll have to take him another time, maybe next weekend. When I started getting ready, I walked into the bedroom and there was a bunch of his gymwear on the bed - laid in piles. He needed help picking an outfit, OMG cute! I love that guy.

Despite my Kitchenaid kicking the can, I've already made two batches of bread with this new book, "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" and it is absurdly easy and delicious - Thanks Karen!

Back to work tomorrow, groan. Sigh. More bread, nom nom nom.

Updated with pics for Claudia :-)


Claudia said...

Hmmm that book sounds amazing, i just looked at it on amazon... very tempting :) I wish you would post pix if you felt inclined

KMB said...

Hi Claudia - I am totally inclined to post pics! Just added them...that is the last chunk that's already baked but I have plenty of dough in the fridge. :-)

Liz said...

I've been resisting this book for so long... but I think I need it. My butt does not need a loaf of bread a day, but my soul might.

Nice work on the bread! It looks perfect!

I looked at the book on Amazon and read an interesting comment that included ways to make wholewheat and sourdough- both of which I love. Check it out- it's the 2nd or 3rd comment, I think.

KMB said...

Hi Liz - there are a bunch of recipes for whole wheat, rye, pumpernickel...everything! The pic is of the european peasant loaf formula.

I'm trying not to think about my impending loaf-butt, hahaha - its so delicious its kinda worth it...for the soul, like you say!

karen said...


Liz said...

I went to Amazon and ordered the book! But then- after sending payment, I saw that there is a NEWER book- for more healthy breads! Do you have the original one, or the one that's for healthy breads? I may have to go to the local bookstore and see if they have the newer one.

Loaf butt, here I come.

(by the way- about practicing led primary so close, I'm not a fan either, though I've been there! The feet-in-face is really the worst. We often practice facing each other, so at least there's less fear of someone's overly exuberant jump back that lands right on your nose. )

KMB said...

I have the original - I've scanned through most of the recipes and up until you get to the dessert breads, very few of the recipes call for any oil or butter or fat of any kind. So a good number of the recipes are fat free. :-)

I'm curious about the healthy book, maybe it is incorporating more fiber/whole grains? There are plenty of options in the original book calling for whole wheat and other types of flour/grains than the white stuff.

(re: crowding, i don't need a whole lot of space, but i need some! the feet in face is definitely the worst.)

Liz said...

good to know the original book isn't all about breads that I love (but do not love my body!). I think the 2nd book is more whole grains, etc.

Now I need a stand up mixer!