Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Place Like Home

I'm so happy to be back in Canada! Even though it is motherflippin' cold.

Goa was incredible. I took a pile of notes following daily practices, during the information sessions and after a couple of small chats with Nancy. I will be sharing these over the coming days once I organize myself.

I am 100% digging her message, delivery and physical adjustments. This woman is incredible. She shared some interesting insights on what matters and what doesn't, and the way the practice was taught to she and David Williams in the early early days, which is in many ways different from how it is being taught in Mysore today.

It shouldn't be so serious. It should be fun. It should feel good. The body is only a vehicle.

More to come!


roselil said...

Welcome back home! Please keep your promise and post all about the retreat with Nancy. Eagerly awaiting to read about it.

KMB said...

Thanks Roselil! I'm back and sharing what I can recall and have taken notes was wonderful :-)