Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dropback sans Liberator

Last night I was playing around and managed my first dropback without the liberator. In my shala few people do dropbacks at all because the custom is to do them only after you complete a full intermediate practice (yes, I know this is not the norm). Usually when I've done a full intermediate practice I'm wiped and tired and go straight to UD. My full intermediate practices have also been sporadic and inconsistent energy-wise, which may be why J hasn't pushed me to drop back.

I dropped to the liberator and then kept coming more and more forward for each one until I was off the liberator entirely. I hit the ground, quite thumpily (have to figure out how to deal with that impact and take it out of my shoulders) and rocked three times to come back up. Immediately banished the liberator and vowed never to use it for backbends again. Dropped back and came to standing several times sans-liberator to ingrain the memory of the movement. I'm dropping back! Euphoria!!

I will try to take a clip at some point to show the drop-thump. Been perusing others' videos and no one seems to have this crash-bang, so it might be a learning stage or something important technique-wise that I need to change.


Helen said...


Claudia said...

Wow, I wonder what is a "liberator"... so much to learn!. Congratulations!

KMB said...

Thanks guys! The liberator is a post unto itself Claudia, it is a wonderful tool with a sordid background - check out the liberator label at the bottom of this post and you'll know what I mean. The comments are where all the juicy info is :-)

Skippetty said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! ...I got solo dropbacks quite recently, for a little over a month now, and it's only starting to become smooth and non-thumpy now. Sometimes when I landed, my elbows used to give way at an odd angle, making them sore/ inflamed. At first I blamed it on my pelvis rotation, causing me to land weirdly etc. But now I realize your body just needs some time to work out this new "thing" you're making it do.

My Osteopath noticed some inflammation when I started getting dropbacks, but he said the inflammation should go down once the muscles get used to this new thing I'm doing and it ought to work itself out. And he was right! All OK, less problems now. :)

KMB said...

Thanks Skippetty! :-) it was pretty exciting...I kind of figured learning to manage the impact was a phase I'd have to go through, I took a clip today (about to post it) and it doesn't look super-thumpy but I can definitely feel the impact. I'll give it a month or two and I'm sure it will smooth out more like yours did!