Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goa Recap #5

Saturday, rest day - last night we went to Shorebar, had pina colada followed by wine. I was soooooo excited! Practice has been feeling so good, I'm torn between being glad for a rest and worried I will lose my steam (as if that matters). After the nightcap, I had my longest, deepest sleep since arriving - a full 8 hours. Actually used a blanket for the first time last night.

Still not eating much, not sure what it is. Lost my appetite, not food-motivated at all, which is incredibly unusual for me. I have to figure it is the different flavors, because my nature is to crave food all.of.the.time. So in order to keep energy up, if I ever do feel hungry I just eat as much as I can. Not terribly scientific, but seems to be working.

Speaking of which, we're now at the German Bakery and I've just ordered a cheese sandwich, fruit juice and delicious coffee. E and I skipped out early in the morning to get a quiet coffee and breakfast.

I'm wondering if there will be a demonstration of 3rd series at some point in the retreat. I'd love to see it, having never seen it in the flesh (no one practices advanced at my shala) but understand how weird that would be for someone to demo their practice. It would be Jason and we'd have to get up early to watch (fine by me, up anyways). We'll see if it comes up.

Poolside afternoone - I spoke to a girl who was stopped at a pose in primary for 2 years. I admire her dedication and non-attachment and ability to surrender to the teacher/process without ego. I'm weaker than that, I would have moved on, I know it. I feel fortunate to be learning in the environment I'm learning in - not that it is any better or worse than any other environment, but it works for the type of person I am.

Miss maverick.

Epiphany of the day - Practicing daily is much easier on the body than randomly or even 4 times per week, huh? Today, rest day, is the first time I feel sore, following led primary which killed me with the pace.

Sunday - today felt off right from the start. So I decided to do primary to navasana then eka pada. I made it to the tittibhasanas then started to feel dizzy and blackness coming into my eyes. I went to close, no dropbacks. Blech. Tomorrow will be better.

Nancy tells us that primary and intermediate are sufficient for physical wellness. Her opinion is that advanced is necessary for god realization. She herself practices advanced and feels that everyone should learn (when they're ready).

I asked Jason about my "zoning out" which is something I have wondered about for a long time. It's not "wandering off", it's not making a grocery list, or thinking about work, it's just lost time I guess. I wake up to my breathing and don't remember the last 5 things I did. He said he thinks that's fine, why do you need to remember the last 5 things you did. Haha, when put that way I agree!

Cucumber + Melon + Mint = delicious Juice from the Juice bar down by the pool. This one is my favorite.

Starting to think about a long bubble bath in a clean tub and my king-size bed at home.


Claudia said...

Oh that juice sounds sooo good. I also forget about food when it's very warm, maybe the body wants to feel lighter. That girl does have a lot of patience! I can relate, wonder if she gets frustrated but it seems she doesn't... Good practice.

KMB said...

The juice was delicious! I'm going to try to recreate it this week :-)

Liz said...

It IS weird when there's that sudden realization that more is easier than less... It always feels weird to say to a non-yoga practice person, "No, really, it's easier to practice 5-6 days a week".

I wish I could zone out!

KMB said...

Liz you're so right. My body just felt kind of...ready, every day! As opposed to achy, tired, tight.

The zoning out is the best part. I was really worried he was going to tell me it was wrong or bad...but honestly, if the zoning out is wrong, I don't even want to stop, haha!

susananda said...

Third series is necessary for 'God realisation'??? I highly doubt that.

Thanks for your postings by the way, lot of work to write it up after the fact!

KMB said...

Hi Susananda - it's actually been really fun piecing through my notes and remembering other stuff along the way - thanks for reading!