Friday, February 19, 2010

Intermediate = my practice

The biggest change since Goa has been my commitment to make intermediate my practice. To use every mysore class I go to as an opportunity to do intermediate, and intermediate only. To not miss a Sunday led intermediate class (a new treat we're enjoying at the shed). I'm in it. I'm intermediate! Whether I can do it or not.

This change is awesome. I bloody LOVE intermediate now and I used to hate it. Been talking for months before Goa about just doing it and there I'd be, in flipping dandasana, doing primary, every mysore class.

I've noticed how powerful the breath aspect is, and how the pace and intensity of the breath affects the pace and intensity of the practice. If you're at 100% take the breathing down and back a notch. If you need to get your body off the floor in nakrasana, take it up a notch.

Another change is that I have a sudden and weird interest in 3rd series. Which I can't believe I am writing here, but there it is - embarrassing me as I reread it. Obviously not tomorrow or next month or next year, but some part of my mind has just accepted or become comfortable with the idea that I will probably learn more than primary and intermediate in this lifetime. 6 months ago that would have seemed completely unfathomable to me. Intermediate was more than I could bite off and chew. (It's still all I can chew).

So those are the biggest things. Asana-wise I don't think I have anything mind-blowing to report. It just all feels a bit better in a way that likely isn't all feels more cohesive in that I'm not exploding and panting at random intervals through it (much). Still can't do all the things I couldn't do before, LBH, Mayurasana, Karanda etc...but the effort feels...less strenuous? More enjoyable?

I'm leading a practice group on sunday, which will be fun. It isn't really teaching, I just practice and call the counts and asanas, everyone's familiar with the practice - I've never done that before so I think it will be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Freakin' sweet! I'm about to declare Intermediate as a practice as well (although in a Mysore room I'll do what the person in charge says) and it's good to have company.

We also have a gift practice, a led 1/2 to 2/3 of Intermediate on Monday nights. That's good good stuff for starting it at home.


Liz said...

Aw, you're back! Great posts!

It totally makes sense to start to have interest in 3rd when intermediate is starting to feel powerful. I love intermediate too (well, I actually love it all, but 2nd gets the blood really pumping). Maybe your newly sparked interest will really motivate you to get your legs behind your head. I never EVER thought I'd do it, but it happened... slowly. Now I can't imagine life without it!! ha ha- psycho yoga talk.

I'm so glad to read that you're enjoying your current practice. It's such a nice place to be.

KMB said...

Hi Patrick - I'm really happy about "declaring intermediate" (I love how you put this) and you're right, it is nice to have some company! Hard to find any portion of intermediate being led in my town so I really enjoy those classes, the group energy. Thanks for visiting - I've been reading your blog for a while!

Hi Liz - I took a little blog-cation there, but I'm back! I think LBH will happen slowly for me too. It is really encouraging to hear someone with your LBH tell me that it came slowly with practice...that means there is totally hope for me! I actually have watched your "ribcage manhandle" video at least 10 times, lol - in awe, trying to figure out how you do it! And you tried it hundreds of times, maybe thousands...that's how you do it!