Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Led

Today was a nice practice. The studio was freezing when we arrived, the door had been left open overnight so it was about 11C in there. Agh! I started to panic slightly and then a few people showed up and everyone agreed we'd heat it up with our movement. I was leading today (so no full led intermediate). There were only 5 today (no surprise as numbers dwindle when J leaves town) and given the lack of heat we decided to do primary and then 2nd up to Ustrasana.

So first time speaking during practice? Difficult! But manageable. It wasn't as bad as I had expected. I lost count during the sun salutes (ha! I think we ended up doing extra of both A's and B's) and was most worried about keeping the pace reasonable. My natural tendency is to practice fast, which I've been trying to correct. I asked for feedback after and all agreed it wasn't too fast so I was really relieved. It was actually really fun!

Mysore tomorrow, assuming I get out of the office on time - looking forward to some intermediate.

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