Saturday, February 27, 2010

Props galore

The Saturday class I look forward to all week is a non-traditional intro to 2nd series and features backbending, long holds, and a ton of props. I love it! Today we used the wall, straps, blocks, sandbags and my new favorite, the chair.

We started out with supta virasana forever, then I'm-not-effin-kidding-you like 25 sun salutations. 5As, 5Bs and at least 15 anjaneyasana variations (sp?) some with hands pushing on front thigh, some with arms up, some with back knee on ground. All designed to get into the groin and hip and quad. Let me just say, namaste to you if you've done 108 sun salutations. I have never done it and I don't think I could!

I was dripping with sweat before we even began the asanas...A spoke to us about pashasana in a way I hadn't thought of it before - as a chest opener. My tendency is to tuck and round and get low to get the bind but she urged us to open to back shoulder and lift the chest. Got a great adjustment here. She spread my shoulder/hip, and I felt like the space between them doubled - it was crazy!

What can I say about the chair? It's amazing, I want one in my house...just a standard, folding gymnasium seating-type chair with all kinds of places for you to stick arms/legs, grab with hands and open your back.

The best thing about the chair is the support. I'm still working through whatever the hell is going on with my back. I don't know what it is, but I think 2nd is putting me through some physical confusion. I've kinda lost my backbends - there is pain in the lumbar and SI. So the support allows me to keep that area from participating too much, while getting into other areas that maybe weren't pulling their weight before, like shoulders and thoracic, even triceps. It is amazing what the hard edge of a chair can create in your shoulder blades. It doesn't hurt, it just starts with an unfamiliar discomfort and we hold it long enough that it starts to feel absolutely great.

I'm dying to do kapo in this class. We've done it once or twice before, but generally by the end of class I feel so open I just want to try everything!

Best part - in UD I felt something very different and it felt great. I think it was the groin work...I hope I'm not crazy. I think my pubic bone actually pushed through my hips bones and forward. Is that possible? Am I nuts? I felt this crazy mobility in the front of hips that I don't think I've experienced before. It felt great for my low back, whatever it was.

Anyway, I might check out a different led 2nd class tomorrow. I haven't been to this one before (it isn't my usual studio) and I will probably be stopped at one of my trouble points but that's OK.

Happy Saturday!

Also FRIGGIN EH CANADA!!! Way to go against the Slovaks last night...I can't wait for the gold medal game Sunday. We watched the women's curling last night too, and while I don't know much about curling, it was plain to see that Cheryl Bernard is amazing. I actually felt sick when we lost in the extra end.

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