Sunday, February 28, 2010

Led Intermediate

Today, with assistance, I bound Tittibhasana B for the first time...I hadn't been assisted into it before and the closest I'd come on my own was a fingertip brush. Boy that clasp makes a world of difference! I could ground my heels, really work on straightening the legs more and coming through them. Felt great, demanding on the quads still, but great...I had always wondered why this one didn't seem to be coming to me although I can do Supta K and (usually) Yoganidrasana. I'll be asking for this assist for a while I's got to help me manage it on my own.

This was also a teacher I hadn't been to before so I enjoyed a new/different perspective. I like the idea of having a regular teacher for consistency but I think it is good to hear a different voice once in a while....not because one is better or worse, but sometimes it is valuable to hear something explained to you in a different way. There are so many ways to describe asana. The energy, the anatomy, the mechanics/physics...each teacher usually leans more toward one way. Sometimes I'm so dense that need all 3 ways for it to sink in!

Kapo was actually nice today, I got footpads alone with less discomfort than I've been feeling lately.

Pincha was sweet! The teacher assisted me for the first 5 breaths then left me and I held for another 4-5 on my own in the middle of the room.

Gold medal game today, so excited. Probably going to make mudslides. Mudslides are like the best thing ever, Vodka, Irish Cream, Kahlua, Ice Cream and Ice in the blender, with chocolate sauce for garnish. They are a special treat for special days. An Olypic gold medal hockey game where Canada has a shot is one of those occasions! GO CANADA!!

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