Monday, October 19, 2009

Beast of a Day

There was an extremely unpleasant chain of events this weekend involving a 10-foot rental truck and a gas station fender bender. Low speed, no injuries, just a complete drag. But between police station, insurance and rental company…repeating the report to various parties has become a bit exhausting. I am looking forward to putting this business behind me. I took today off work so I could deal with the phone calls and police report quickly and without distraction.

On to happier news, the weekend was spent in my home town with the parents and it was wonderful. I knitted my mother a scarf and brought it to her and she was so happy with it, and also openly coveted the scarf I was wearing so I secretly left it in the hall closet and she discovered it this morning. I love knitting, and giving knitted items! It makes me so happy.

After the business of phone calls and police reports there is Mysore class tonight and I am looking forward to breathing this event right out of my mind.

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