Thursday, October 1, 2009


I arrived at Mysore and the studio was empty. I thought I had made a mistake or it was a moon day or something but then another lady showed up so I knew it was OK. I did all of standing, primary to Navasana with no vinyasas between sides…then into 2nd.

I got great adjustments in Bhekasana and Dhanurasana. In Bhekasana J anchored my calves with her legs and held my shoulders, pulling them back. It felt incredible and my chest lifted a good 6 inches. Then in Dhanurasana, she held my calves and pulled me back so I rose right up onto my pelvis (which felt great on the back, but not so great on the pelvis). Funny how I always think it is tightness of my front that prevents me from going deeper into some of those poses, but it is really the weakness in my back. Apparently my front is open, my back just isn’t strong enough yet to pull me there.

In Laghu Vajrasana I went back as far as I could while still feeling the grounding in my quads…so I didn’t touch my head to mat (or even come close, pretty sure).

I started Kapotasana and J came over, she asked me if I wanted help or to try it alone (yay!). I asked if I could try it alone, and she let me. I saw my toes again, I was so excited! I got my toes from the air and walked fingertips up past the ball of my foot while hovering. I really love that hovering part, it feels good.

After Supta Vajrasana I vinyasa’d out by resting my trunk on my elbows and lifting my lotus back, I haven’t tried that in ages but this time it felt much easier…I think the Shalabhasanas have helped.

Eka Pada, Dwi Pada…eh. My right leg can get back there fine, it just can’t stay…left leg is another story.

I did the shuffleback for all my vinyasas and I think it is going to help. I am hopeful. It may take years but I’m up for it, committed to the shuffleback, unless I’m in Led. Whatever J showed me in Mysore Monday actually worked because my jumpthroughs felt great today.

Anyway, I got sent to close after Dwi Pada, could have done more but them’s the breaks.

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