Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Led Primary; death of a shuffleback

Today I realized that the shuffleback was not going to survive in Led, not with the speedy vinyasa counts…everyone was heading into downdog by the time I got to chaturanga. It felt disruptive so I decided to stick with the original plan and save it for Mysore. J’s big on synchrony in Led. After a couple months in Mysore it is invited to Led.

Today it took me a lot longer than usual to turn my mind off. Usually by the time I hit Padahastasana I’m zoned out. Finally my breath came to the party and I got into a groove. Primary is hard, man.

In Bhujapidasana I ended up hanging on the back of my arms my butt dropping to the mat after each swing up. It was comical! I don’t normally have difficulty crossing the feet but today I just couldn’t make it work. I am making a mental/physical connection between my difficulty in Bhujapidasana and in jumpbacks. I’m fairly certain one could resolve the other. The action of bending the elbows and dropping the shoulders is where I am stuck in my jumpback and it has never been strong in Bhuji either. More primary, more primary…

I came home to a quiet empty house, delicious dinner already made and a just-opened bottle of sparkling wine open in the fridge, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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