Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Morning, Standing from UD

This morning I did a short practice at home. It was a bit of primary and a bit of second...for the first time I stood from Urdhva Dhanurasana unassisted!! It was the most unexpected thing...I was just doing my closing and decided to try rocking hands and feet. All of a sudden, I was up.

It was superfast and the feet were all wrong I'm sure, plus there was a lot of shuffling and stepping at the top to be sure I truly was up and not about to hurtle back or forward but I did it.

I am interested to see if I'll be able to do it tomorrow. Sometimes these little asana breakthroughs happen and then they go away for weeks/months...they always return after a bit of time. Hopefully standing from UD is here to stay.


Grimmly said...

Congratulations on coming up, think I kind of wooped when I did it but then I was alone at home. Mine was unexpected too.....and my feet are still all wrong

KMB said...

Thanks! It was very exciting when it happened, I really couldn't believe it...I couldn't manage it this morning (next day), but now that I know it is possible I'll be a bit more focused in my attempts.

Arturo said...

i'm happy for you. the coming to standing on my own has escaped me in 8 years of practice.

KMB said...

Hi Arturo - it has escaped me ever since that one time, but I have faith it will come back. I find the timing of the rocking to be the difficult part. Thank you for commenting :-)

Globie said...

Just found your blog via your link to mine! That's great to stand up from UD, well done.

Where do you practice?

KMB said...

Hi Globie - delayed response, I just saw this now! I am in Canada - you are in England right? Congrats on your dropback a couple of days ago, I'm still working on that one but my stand-up came back to me yesterday which was a nice surprise (just about to post a video). Seeing your dropback video and dance of joy was actually what inspired me to give the "standup" another try :-)