Saturday, October 31, 2009

The WormThump

I never intended to film the wormthump because frankly I was a little afraid of what it would look like. I knew it didn't feel great.

Then I thought what the hell. Someday (when I can do it properly) I will look back and enjoy this and be grateful to myself for sticking with it.

So? It sure isn't great, but it isn't as horrific as I was expecting. The forward-hop is something I figured out a few weeks ago, the wormthump portion happens on the back end, which is I think the part most people have trouble with anyways. It looks exactly like a Nakrasana from someone who's still learning Nakrasana. And that's what I am :-)

I took a couple more videos and I may share them tomorrow, blogger takes too darn long to post!


susananda said...

Move your hands back quicker!

KMB said...

Thank you Susananda! For some reason, on the backhop, my hands are cemented to the ground. I don’t know why this is, but I figure it is a mental thing…if I can go forward, I should be able to go back, right?

I have a group practice today so if we end up doing 2nd I will try try *try* moving the hands quicker.

Thanks for commenting :-)

karen said...

Looks really good! Isn't it funny how it can feel horrific, but look okay when you see it on video?

KMB said...

Hi Karen – I know! Why is that? Sometimes I hesitate to film myself but each time I do I learn something helpful – and it never looks the same as it feels, good or bad.

We didn’t make it to Nakrasana at group practice today but I’m going to try quicker hands on the backhop next time!

lew said...
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